Raised in a musical family with a Pentacostal heritage, Peter spent his early years in an atmosphere filled with faith and worship. His parents, Jim and Ruth, both accomplished vocalists, music directors, and worship leaders, encouraged him to develop and use his gifting at his home church, Glad Tidings Church (Assembly of God), as well as several other local ministries. He was also blessed to be mentored by several key pastors and mentors, including Eric Lehmann. In time, he developed into a skilled pianist, worship leader, and vocalist playing a variety of additional instruments including drums and guitar. He steadily gained an appreciation for a diversity of music participating in jazz bands, school marching bands, classical music, and youth group worship rock bands.

Peter’s sense of his calling to music ministry grew exponentially while he participated in his home church youth worship band, where he experienced powerful youth revivals and moves of God’s Spirit in connection with the Toronto blessing and the Brownsville Revival. Forever changed by many supernatural experiences during these early years, his hunger and passion for experiential relationship with God became a core value for his life and ministry.

After spending the first 20 years of his life in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Peter felt the Lord’s direction to move to Southern California to complete his college education and train for ministry. In 2001, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Vanguard University and took a full time staff position as worship pastor at Celebration Church in Aliso Viejo, CA, where he also had interned as a worship leader during school. During these formative years of early adulthood, his mentor and friend, Doug Healy, helped him develop as a leader and minister.

As the church’s lead musician, Peter began to find he was being increasingly sought after to teach music lessons to young musicians. What began as a teaching few students blossomed into over 25 weekly students teaching for 5 charter schools, and positions at several christian schools as a worship band director, worship teacher, and pastor.

A key part of Peter’s calling is forming the Dreamgivers ministry network. Dreamgivers’ mission is to help believers fulfill their God-given calling and destiny. And that is Peter’s heart and mission: to inspire others to dream and believe. Through Dreamgivers, one of his lifelong callings was fulfilled in starting a new online school of worship called WorshipMusicU. Through the school, believers, young and old, are growing in a lifestyle of worship and activating their creativity and calling.

The most important event of Pete’s life was meeting and marrying the love of his life, Michelle Stillwell. Today they are blessed with two beautiful children, Mary and Peter Jr.